Climate Labs Update #1

Thank you all for inspiring me this past month and beyond as I started working in the climate change/sustainable energy field. I wanted to give an update on the past month, and share with you the fascinating stuff going on.

2 big wins from this month:

– I’ve been accepted as a Fellow at Manylabs, an open science skunkworks funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (Moore co-founded Intel and coined Moore’s Law). Thanks to all of you who talked the app over with me and helped me get it together! The application pushed me to make a “project” out of this, so now there’s a plan (here’s my application). So what does all this mean? The big value is recognition — a “thumbs up” from Manylabs and the Moore Foundation that this idea is worth pursuing. In addition Manylabs offers a desk to work and a venue to host events
– 15 others and I are now part of the “Climate Change + Tech” Meetup in SF, check it out here: Thanks to Dan for help designing it and marketing it. This is a great way to meet more people in the space and learn about the big factors shaping the industry.
6 climate change terms that I’ve found from discussions and reading:
detect-analyze-attribute-1Detect, Analyze, Attribute: 3 types of climate change research studies. Detect and analyze is about gathering data ie temperature, sea level, to answer the question “is the earth heating up?”. Attribution studies are about figuring out the cause, “why?”, is the changing climate because of a hotter sun, zombies, or carbon dioxide from human causes?
Sustainable, Sequester, Adapt: this is where the action is — Sustainable is tech to speed the transition from the fossil fuels era to the sustainable era (for example, Telsa or Solar City), Sequester is about sucking CO2 out of the environment, and Adapt is about building seawalls, raising up houses
I’ve included 2 sketches that helped my understanding, thanks to Matt Inouye for the suggestion on drawing it out.


sustainable-sequester-adaptRecommended Book and Project:
Book: Sustainability Without the Hot Air, all the details behind what our future “Sustainable Era” will look like. Thanks to Bill for the recommendation!: (or free legal PDF on
Project: Marin Carbon Project, incredible tech to pull atmospheric carbon deep into the soil/clay where it is effectively removed from the carbon cycle for millenia. Using cow pastures and compost, which could generate $$ for farmers through carbon credits. Shova organized this SF Zero Waste Youth event I went to, and MCP was the keynote
Many thanks to Eri for connecting me with a bunch of cool people in the climate change/sustainability field. Discovering neat topics like biotechnology to turn the ocean into a giant carbon sequestration machine, biological air filtering systems, and startup accelerators working on sustainability tech. Meeting new ideas and talking with others is essential because it fights my “gollum” tendency to take an idea and hide it away :B
I would love to have more chats with people working on sustainable energy or climate change. Do you know people working in climate change or sustainable energy who I should talk to? Email
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