Biology As Ideology

“Many people now believe that science is the religion of the twentieth century — that the authority of its clergy (scientists) is beyond question or challenge and that its recent findings can indisputably explain the past and predict the future of human existence and of our individual behaviors.

In this brief extraordinary work, RC Lewontin – – one the world’s most prominent geneticists – – takes to close and informed look at this tidy and showmanlike packaging of science as the panacea for global problems, persuasively demonstrating how science (and scientists) is molded by society and how the dominant social and economic forces in society determines for large extent what scientists do and how they do it.

Science and society in fact exist to symbiotically (hence the title of this book), and by admitting the shadings and limitations with in science we discover book the richness of human nature in the real value of science.”

Biology as Ideology, 1992
Quoted from the back cover
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