Carbon Dioxide Makes You Dubmer

“a 15 percent decline of cognitive ability scores at 950 ppm”

Here’s a nice overview discussing research from Berkeley and Harvard on cognitive impairment with higher levels of carbon dioxide:
A few choice quotes from the article:
  • “The Harvard group measured a 15 percent decline of cognitive ability scores at 950 ppm and 50 percent declines at 1,400 ppm.”
  • “The IPCC projects outdoor air concentrations up to 1099 ppm by 2100 (much higher in cities and indoors of course).”
  • “Measured outdoor CO2 levels in major cities from Phoenix to Rome can be many tens of ppm higher — up to 100 ppm or more — than the global average”
  • “As a result of these studies, NASA has already lowered the maximum allowable CO2 levels on the space station.”
Cognitive impairment presents a potentially untapped angle on the changing climate and rising carbon dioxide levels.
Please recommend a cheap, portable carbon dioxide meter! Comment below, 10 ppm accuracy is sufficient.
More sources:

Is it Safe to Get an MRI?

I’ve been thinking about getting an MRI scan even though I don’t need one.

Maybe a scan of my brain or of my spine, so 5 to 10 years from now I can get another scan and see what’s changed. I’ve been researching the cost, the procedure, and the value of an MRI without a pressing medical need. The first thing I wanted to figure out is: is it safe to get an MRI?

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Startup Pith

Here’s how one startup described themselves

“We have developed a breakthrough solution for employers and health plans to deliver personalized price, quality, and convenience information to enable consumers to reduce their out-of-pocket costs of health care—and it’s getting better all the time!

We’re looking for exceptional individuals to join our rapidly growing team to make this vision a reality.”

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My back hurts

Just 32 days ago, I visited my first chiropractor. My friend Eri got me a chiropractic appointment as a Christmas gift. I had never thought about seeing a chiropractor before that, but hoped the experience would teach me something. I’m 6′ 4″ like Anthony Bourdain and Abraham Lincoln and want to take care of my back and posture. Today, here’s my thoughts. 
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