The next 100 years are Earth’s “Senior Year”

As a human species, we’ve always been together as one big class, every single human in the universe on this one planet. But soon we’ll graduate. Soon we’ll separate.

Some of us love it right here and will stay. Others will leave — to find a job, get an education, or please our parents. Some will head off to “Mars College” on a SpaceX rocket and come back every Christmas. Some will leave and never return.

We won’t all be in the same place anymore — but we’ll always be human.

Enjoy your last hundred years together and spring into a new life on graduation day.

My Earth Graduation Speech*:

*Riffed off this terrific “Senior Send-Off” essay by Becca Abrahams

Being a senior and realizing you will be leaving soon has really taken a toll on how I feel about leaving everything behind! For someone who is close knit to their species, the transition from always being with them to only seeing them during holidays has really made me thankful and appreciative of the time I have with them now.

To be honest, Earth will just be a building in my rear view mirror. I am looking forward to going off to Mars and being away from everything that I have known and have become familiar with for so long now. I am probably coming off as your typical anti Earth student so let me show my real feelings

I will miss this place. Plain and simple. No matter how much I gripe and moan about being here, I will miss it. The real impact that Earth has had on me is the fact that it’s the law and I have to be here; however, I would not have wanted it any other way. This is the place I have met some of my best friends, lost some of them, and through it all I found out who I really was.

This journey felt like a lifetime and a blink of an eye all at once but the students and teachers here are all worth remembering. I have met some of the most caring and compassionate people here who have helped me more than they know.

The thing about Earth is that I won’t remember the part where I sat in a desk seven hours out of my day, I am going to remember the faces and the voices of the people who have shaped who I am these past four years. I am going to remember the activities I was involved in. I can sit here and say that Earth has had no affect on me but it has and I will miss it and the people who have helped me through some of my hardest teenage angsty times.

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