Your Marketing is Shit

Check out this awesome sign.

You’ve seen those signs that say “Don’t let your dog shit in my yard”? People have little manicured lawns, and for some reason they do not want dog cookies around. Every sign I’ve seen is ineffective or even insulting. Here are a few of the worse offenders — and surprisingly a great one I saw! I’ve always got my eye out for good marketing…


The only meaning of the verb “curb” I know is extremely violent…



pet waste

Oh shit! FUD

Here’s a great one

Think of the children! I think this one really hits home. Dogs are just like kids, little buddies that we big humans care about and love. So I think this really gets at the heart of this issue. “I’m a caring person, you’re a caring person!”

kids at play

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2 thoughts on “Your Marketing is Shit

  1. I love this, and it’s so true.

    Sorry, but my dog is going to poop where it’s going to poop. Obviously whoever put the first two signs up doesn’t have a dog, or they would know this. Ergo, I’m not going to listen to them because they obviously don’t understand my situation.

    The third sign is a little better because at least it gives an action and a tangible reason. But now I’m offended because I was planning on cleaning up anyway. OR, if I wasn’t planning on it, and don’t care about common courtesy, then I’m not going to believe the black plague will magically appear just because I didn’t pick up after my dog.

    The last one works because, like you said: “Do it for the children.” Bonus points for showing toddlers who are close to the ground and like to pick things up and put things in their mouth. Disgusting. The sign makes me feel ill – it makes me envision a dystopian future with children covered in a brown mess. I don’t want this, so I’ll pick up after Fido.

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