BioCurious Heads to the White House

President Obama is hosting the first ever White House Demo Day, tomorrow August 4th. The focus is around American entrepreneurship, showcasing innovators from all around the country showing off their success and discoveries.

BioCurious is home to amazing innovations in biotechnology. Launched as a hackerspace for biotechnology in Sunnyvale, California in 2010, BioCurious is a complete working laboratory, training center, and meeting place for citizen scientists, hobbyists, activists, and students.

BioCurious is a membership based lab where anyone can come an learn how to use biotechnology tools, make friends, and even start companies. This new model resulted in some amazing collaborations between people from many different disciplines, similar to how electronics and computer science were opened up to innovation with the launch of personal computers.

Home to Biotech Innovations

Executive Directory Eri Gentry is flying to the White House to show off 5 Community Projects from BioCurious. Community Projects at BioCurious are open to the public and developed by people just like you who come to work at BioCurious:

Real Vegan Cheese: making cheese using synthetic biology. This started as an summer project for the iGEM competition. Members of Counter Culture Labs in Oakland and BioCurious in Sunnyvale collaborate on the project, which has now spun off into its own company. You can learn more about Real Vegan Cheese at

3D Bioprinter project – Printing with biological materials. Similar to 3D printing, but using actual living cells. The group is working now to print a living leaf that’s able to to photosynthetisis. The printer is based on the open source Rep-Rap 3D printer.

2015 Bay Area iGEM Team – In 2014, the Bay Area iGEM Team won the “Best Community Labs Project”. Following the success of the Real Vegan Cheese team, this years team is working to create . They are launching a crowd funding campaign in the coming weeks. For more information, sign up for the BioCurious mailing list here.

Plant Bio Project – enabling plant biotechnology in the Bay Area, including discussion on GMO vs non-GMO (genetically modified oragnisms), lab techniques, and working with plants.

Microscope Project – working to build an open-source fluorescence microscope, starting with parts hacked together from a older Illumina DNA Sequencer donated to the project.

Learn More Online:

Tune in: Anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship can watch White House Demo Day live from start to finish at

There’s 3 ways to learn more about BioCurious:

Learn More About BioCurious: Sign up for email updates about upcoming classes and workshop and announcements from BioCurious here (Email signup form)

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About BioCurious:

BioCurious is a volunteer run, 501c3 non-Profit, started in 2010 by a group of 6 co-founders and $35,319 from Kickstarter. BioCurious believes that innovations in biology should be accessible, affordable, and open to everyone. We’re building a community biology lab for amateurs, inventors, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to experiment with friends. Based in Sunnyvale, California, it is the place to be if you are interested in biotechnology:

– a complete working laboratory and technical library for entrepreneurs to cheaply access equipment, materials, and co-working space
– a training center for biotechniques, with an emphasis on safety
– a meeting place for citizen scientists, hobbyists, activists, and students

To learn more, visit

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