What is climate action?

Here’s my definition, read this morning while riding on Caltrain. From NASA Astrobiologist David Grinspoons “Earth in Human Hands” (2016):

So it starts right now, in our discussions about the global environment, in our growing realization of ourselves as a planetary-scale entity with a need to start behaving like one. All attempts to spread the word are, in effect, efforts to get the Anthropocene started in earnest. […] In this sense, the Anthropocene is just beginning, and it’s something not to fear but to welcome. Let’s get it started. Let’s do it right”

Pull Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere by Coating Buildings in Moss?

Overall we need to remove roughly 260 Billion tons of carbon. Covering every skyscraper in a thick moss removes roughly 210 Million tons of carbon, or 0.1% of the total.

Here’s my rough calculations:

7 billion persons on Earth

x 600 sqft / person of skyscraper surface area (My apartment has about 600 ft.² of wall space)

x 2 pounds / sqft (estimated mass of moss)

x 5% (Plants are about 5% carbon, 95% water)

x 1 ton /  2,000 pounds

= 210M tons of carbon

Aight, more solutions needed. 🥗🥗

What is Climate Change 2.0?

Climate Change 2.0

  1. Sounds Like: “Climate change is an opportunity”, “Climate change is the biggest financial opportunity civilization has ever seen”, “Climate change is happening for us”, “Giving Fucks About Climate Change”
  2. Words and Tone: Curiosity, open source, raw data, asking questions is how we build solutions, millisecond data to design and test solutions, “we are the public”, making fun of climate change, rarest pepe memes, 😀
  3. Looks Like: Giving A Fuck About Climate ChangeImpossible Labs, Blue Planet Ltd, Bret Victor, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, you?
  4. Overall: The hottest thing since /r/PrequelMemes