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Finding an email address online isn’t always easy. Sometimes I’ve had to do a lot of sleuthing sometimes to find a way to connect with people. Google isn’t so great at this.┬áThe only reason I really have this explanation is that I heard longer content ranks higher in Google than simply a page that says “here it is”. Check out this blue transilluminator I helped design!

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  1. I lost my phone!!!!!! Don’t send me your credit card and social security info until I get a new one in a few days. Thanks!!!

  2. Hello,
    Cindy Nicholas here with the Zigler Art Museum in Jennings, Louisiana. We are in the process of deaccessioning a part of the Zigler Collection. The new focus of the Zigler is to display works primarily from Louisiana artists. One painting we plan to offer for sale is an original work by your dad, Theodore Jankowski. I have just received confirmation through email by your dad that this is indeed his original oil on canvas. Do you know anyone who would be interested in purchasing such a painting? I don’t know how to send you an image of it on this platform. Thanks for your consideration.

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